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Va series represents the best the Audiophile can expect in terms of sound quality without compromise.  Generally when this Customer (often having a great experience in Home Audio and in live music) listens to Car Products, he immediatelly realizes that the sound of such amplifiers is very approximate and unreal.

This is the first limit we decided to exceed, spending more than three thousands hours choosings the best solutions to get ahead with VA series.

When we first listened VA210 prototype, our immediate impression was a great emotion, so great that repaid all design and organizing efforts we endured.

Our goal had been achieved: to let a Car Audio System sound like a HI-END Home System.

Celestra has been succesfull in realizing a kind of natural sound only comparable to that of some very expensive HI-END Home amplifiers.

The typical comments of some very expert audiophiles have been: "...It is a very detailed, airy, dynamic sound"; "...It lets the CD sound to be close to that of analogic disc recordings";  "...It is very fast, with a very convincing drum".

How can exist so great difference between Celestra' s sound and the others?

Certainly during the designing of an amplifier there are many aspects to fulfil, but now there is any possibility in going into technical details of the audio amplification theory; but it is upon a thing that it is worth to insist: no other Car Audio manufacturer has ever spent so much time and resources for the final sound performance.

Starting from the assumption (very brave, what is more) that to move us is our passion for music and not the Business, all the choices we made (like circuital design, components, etc) are not conventional at all, as neither the final sound!

Obviously it is impossible to word an emotion...we can simply say: " Listening is Believing! "

Both the amplifiers are references in their class of power, HAND MADE IN OUR LABORATORIES in a limited and numbered edition as an outsider product deserves, exactly a state-of-the-art in Car Audio electronics.
Our Customers will protect their investment made for these exclusive products, having certainty of the value also after years. Our policy is just to do not follow fashion, so we will guarantee the production of these amps for years..not months!!!

Severe tests, design and components used, let us guarantee for five years the reliability and the running free from anomalies and imperfections. VA series will maintain their rated specifications unchanged for a time even longer than the Car own lifetime!! (we hope the Car manufacturers do not hold it against us!)