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Ra series arises from a lot of Dealers and Distributors demand: to give as many as possible persons and passionate people the chance to enjoy the pureness of Celestra's sound.

How to satisfy such requests cutting the costs without the risk to dampen the final performance?

This is the question we asked each other for a long time, without finding a possible solution.

Now we are ready for this new challenge...to make our Customers' Car Audio systems sound similar to the succesfull VA series.

This is the consequence of long studies on the electronic components market,  the assembling technicals and mechanical chassis making, wich led us to very encouraging results.

Ra series is a prestigious product, with a perfect musicality and reliability top balanced as Celestra Customers wait from us.

This series is set up of four models developed to satisfy every use and configuration wich is possible to create in Car Audio systems. 

We like to hand made these products in our laboratories for best result in quality, as a guarantee of long life and fully performance repetition.